What to do if I want to change the order?

You can start ordering a new product without doing anything to the old order.

Once an order has been placed, how can I check the order status?

Your orders will be stored on the My Order page or click on this link. https://www.gamesrig.com/myorder

Are the games full version?

All games are full version with an exception that some of them will be a DLC. You will be notified before buying if it is.

If the game has been deleted from the device, can it be installed again?

As soon as the you have finished registering as the owner of the game, the game will be added to your account. Just log in with the same account, it can be downloaded.

Why are games cheap?

GAMESRIG is licensed to be a seller of games in Thailand. All products are properly received from the distributor directly, allowing us to sell the game at a cheaper price than anywhere else.

How to install games?

There are different installation methods depend on the games. You can click the button "How to activate" on the product page to see the installation steps in details.

Are the games genuine?

We can ensure that all the products are genuine and full license.

Do you sell cross-region products?

All the games we have can be activated Thailand. You can see the region of the game in the product page.